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I speak at conferences and events across the world on all things branding, marketing and startups. I share my stories, experience and insights from building and selling a successful social marketing agency, growing an audience of millions and launching a startup.

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Attention: How to stop thumbs from scrolling

Attention! is all about the declining attention span of todays connected generation. I explore what has driven it and how smart brands can cut through the noise using a modern day approach to marketing through social content, story telling and influencer culture.


The Marketing With Attitude experience

Marketing With Attitude is a live keynote experience delivered by myself and Phil Kemish. It explores the new 4ps of marketing, how to connecting your purpose to your people through their passions and physical experiences.


The 10 commandments of Influence

This talk dives into what makes a successful "influencer marketing" campaign. The 10 commandments explores the framework we followed when working on global influencer campaigns delivering thousands of posts and native content for brands such as Clarks and Marshall

Matt Thorne Keynote talk

'Just did it - What happens when you take action!'

An inspirational talk on how 'just doing' and taking action now leads to success quicker. The most impossible feats so far in my life have come from 'just doing' not over-thinking, and the biggest regrets have come from not taking action.

This talk draws upon the story of NIKE, looking at what we can learn from them and how to apply this to our lives.

Matt Thorne talking at Retail week

How to build a brand.

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