Talking about getting bang for your buck at Retail Week

March 31, 2019

I was privileged to have spoken at Retail Week last month on how brands can get bang for their buck, what to do about influencers marketing and how to position their core brand strategy to make efficient use of their budgets and comms. I joined the great xxx Creative director at and XXX fro xxxx.

Interestingly, a-lot of things came back to the same principles. We can talk about banner ad, influencers and what works and what doesn't, but ultimately, the only thing brands need to focus on if they really want to make cost efficiencies in the marketing budget, is coming back to their why. Brands need to reconnect to their brand story, and re align everything around that. The way i see it is this, if your in a game of spending money to GET customers, then your in a hard slog. Successful brands use people to spread the word, and people only spread things that are relevant, remarkable or useful. Retargeting and digital perfomance are powerful tools at our disposal, but they should sit ontop of a clear brand story and connect truly to their customers if they want to see results.

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