From graphic designer to brand builder®.

Over the last ten years I’ve successfully built, grown and sold three successful companies, including leading youth marketing agency Disrupt and influential media platform GRM Daily.


The Highlights



Building and exited a successful 7 figure revenue social media marketing agency in 2017. We built a global client roster such as Absolut Vodka, Thomas Cook, Marshall and Clarks


GRM Daily + Rated Awards

Part of the founding team at GRM Daily, Creating and launching the UK's biggest urban music website and Youtube channel with over 2 Million subscribers and 3 Billion views



A new chapter in the way we buy and sell used tech. One year in, we are already setting precedence for how we should look at refurbished and used devices.

Working With Brand Nu

started at the bottom now i'm here.

As a self-tought and educated Graphic Designer, branding and design has always been at the core of all of my work.

You’ll now find me sharing these experiences, and behind the brand of my new venture Reboxed — on my youtube channel

Matt Thorne talking to Gary Vaynerchuck
"Through working across global brand clients, start-ups and building audiences that influence culture, I’ve learned that a mission to create value and impact others is what drives the attention of today’s most successful brands".

Building Europes biggest music Youtube channel

I started out working in top London agencies, designing brand identities and later content experiences for world-leading consumer and entertainment brands, before starting my own business.

In 2009, I was part of the founding team at GRM Daily, which has now grown to amass over 2 million subscribers and completely changed the face of the Urban music scene.

Big Agency
Sketchy and Ghetts

Causing Disruption

In 2014, I co-founded Disrupt marketing, starting out as a record label which later morphed into a leading youth marketing agency. We signed Ghetts, and helped to creatively mould, direct and market his seminal album ‘Rebel with a Cause’

Rebel With a Cause was a huge success, achieving a Top 40 position in the UK album charts, at a time when grime really had very little mainstream coverage. The album earned Ghetts numerous accolades; including 3 MOBO nominations, a BET nomination, the award for 'Hardest Working Artist' at the AIM Independent Awards

"With a very small and independent team we crafted the story with Ghetts and executed all the marketing ourselves. I art directed and designed all the creative outputs, co-directed the music videos and we even built a fan app."

Making brands famous

From record success, we pivoted disrupt to focus on branding - starting with KA as the founding client. We grew the agency into an award-winning, leading marketing agency specialising in content, social and influencer marketing. 

Our unique ability to influence and strengthen brands relationships with audiences lead to us winning a roster of global brand clients such as Absolut Vodka, House of Marley and Clarks. Disrupt was then acquired by FOUND in 2017.

Disrupt Press
"Being in your comfort zone is the most dangerous place you can be. I felt not taking a risk to do something extraordinary was the riskiest thing i can do. You have a finite  amount of energy and the same energy you can put into a 9-5 job where you get little back can go into doing something remarkable."
Reboxed Logo design

3 Billion views later... reboxed.

Since selling the agency in 2019, I’ve spent a year re-connecting and finding purpose while travelling in Japan. As a huge consumer of technology, and a self-confessed technophile - I realised the next obvious move for me was into the tech market. And Reboxed was born.

Leveraging my experience in customer marketing, building audiences and influencing culture - we’re on a mission to change the world of recommerce in the tech industry through Reboxed. So, watch this space.


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