Build brands, make products
earn attention.

Yo I'm Matt Thorne AKA Sketchy.
A full-stack designer and award-winning digital marketer helping startups build growth driven brands and earn attention online


Redesign the universe.

I am on a hell bent mission to make life better for both people and our planet by leveraging design for good and building brands and products that impact our world.

Today, I'm building Reboxed which is changing the way we buy tech. Tomorrow, watch this space...

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Building brands and products that impact the world.

I’m a design-obsessed, ultra curious designer focussed on creating impactful products and brands that impact culture.

In the last ten years I've created and sold a social marketing agency, built a media platform with over 2 billion views and co-created and launched entertainment brands.


Let's work together

Branding and websites

I help forward-thinking brands and businesses position their offering in a way that stands out from the crowd and drive growth through strategy, design, websites and content.



One-to-one calls or sessions, brand positioning and strategy. If you’d like to know more about the ‘Marketing with Attitude’ workshop head over to brandt to learn more about influencer marketing and branding.


Talks & media

I share my experiences and learnings on topics such as influencer marketing and smart branding for the connected generation on panels or through keynotes and workshops. Book me to speak at your event


Let's talk insight, inspiration and action

Book me for keynotes and talks on building modern day brands and products and how to leverage culture to connect to Gen-Z using social marketing, content and influencers.


From the blog

How to build a brand.

Stay up to date with the latest insight, inspiration and action from the blog, podcast, Reboxed, and YouTube channel

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